BioRobotics Lab has moved to KAIST and has reopened as Interactive  Robotic Systems Lab since August 1, 2019.

KOREATECH’s BioRobotics Lab is dedicated to improving the lives of people through advanced robotics. Our mission is developing the principles, technologies, and human resources at the interface between human and robots. We are particularly interested in:

Haptics and Telerobotics: Control systems and devices that allow human to feel and physically manipulate virtual or remote environment as if he/she is directly interacting with them.

Exoskeleton: Novel actuators and transmission systems to realize soft and lightweight wearable robots.

Autonomous Vehicle: perception, planning, navigation, and motion control technology for an unmanned grounded vehicle. We are also developing human supervised semi-autonomous teleoperation technology.

These researches have many potential applications, such as exploration and maintenance of hazardous remote environments, robot-assisted surgery, rehabilitation, human amplifier, firefighting robot, agricultural robot and etc.

The BioRobotics Lab is directed by Prof. Jee-Hwan Ryu and is of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

We are currently collaborating with many well-known universities and research institutes in the world, including DLR, Stanford, TUM, University of Bristol, Queen Mary University of London, ADD, KAERI, KETI, KITECH, SNU, DGIST and many others.