Our 2019 Lab Ski Trip

18-19, February 2019. 

BioRob lab’s most anticipated annual ski trip just got done. Like every year, this time too, we asked ourselves the age-old question: To ski or to board? 

Our 2019 Winter Lab Retreat

3, January 2019. 

As our fleet of budding scientists grows, BioRob lab welcomed some new members on board and caught up with the old ones over dinner at Madeleine, Cheonan.

AsiaHaptics 2018 in Korea

14-16, November 2018. 

This week, we cherished the proud moment of witnessing our professor, Ryu Jee-Hwan successfully organize AsiaHaptics 2018 right here in Korea!

And, apart from paper publications, we exhibited some of our work during AsiaHaptics 2018’s inaugural Live Demo sessions. Our lab also successfully qualified for the final round of Student Challenge in Automotive Haptics.